The dumbest thing I’ve read in a long time – but unfortunately I’ve seen it before!

Anne Juul Christophersen






By: Anne Juul Christophersen

Someone wrote this to me on Facebook:

"People are not becoming an artist… People are born artists and some are not… People can learn so many techniques without having the ability to convey sensations or feelings to their art."

I 100% disagree!

As Picasso said:

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.”

No one is born more particularly unique or blessed with the finger of God and declared an artist from the time you are born.

We are all born with a creative mind.

We are, as Picasso said, all born an artist!

It's not just for the chosen few.

Numerous times I have encountered the attitude, that some are born artists and others not.
Often from artists who have struggled for years to emerge in the art world - and now they are there.

It has been hard – and their attitude is, that NO ONE should achieve success easier than they have themselves.

For them it obviously feels nice to say that only the chosen few can become artists - because then it's easy to convince others that they can never become artists and then the competition doesn´t feel so fierce.

And it's easy to believe that tale if you've not held a brush or pencil in your hand since you were 10 years old.

For example, if you are 50 years old today - then it must be because you were not meant to be an artist, now that you have not worked for it for about 40 years.



No way!


- Just because you've had a life that has taken you in other directions – first a non-artistic education (because hey - how many parents encourage their kids to become artists?) – then marriage - children – work – maybe grandchildren…

It is not because you were not born fully charged with an urge to create.


“Life” just happened.



- you still contain that urge to create - and no art-doomsday prophets should take that away from you!
Don´t let anyone discourage you.


It's never too late.


Your creativity has just slumbered like a pupated caterpillar.


And now


- NOW feel free to unfold your creative wings and fly!


It´s never too late to get started

- and of course you can convey your feelings and express yourself through art.
You just have to dare open up and do it.


- Here in Anne´s International School of Art we are ready to help you all the way on your creative journey!

Anne Juul Christophersen

Anne Juul Christophersen


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