What other members of Anne´s International School of Art have gained from their membership:

Anne´s art school has sharpened my seriousness and determination with my art. The membership has also brought me together with some lovely people who, otherwise, I never would have met.

The art school is a cornucopia for anyone who is, or wants to be, a working artist. The art school provides a forum and a platform where artists at all levels can meet, discuss, share knowledge and experiences with each other. It offers more than just good courses and a constant flow of innovative ideas. Anne and Jesper have managed to create an art school where recognition, inclusion, straightforwardness, professionalism, and professional competence are the priorities.

- Visual artist Susanne Flodgaard Susanne Flodgaard

It’s wonderful that Anne’s art school is providing insight into, in many ways, a slightly “closed-off world”, and very generously sharing and circulating experiences and good advice.

Anne´s art school has, in my view, created a new and different interdisciplinary forum in the art world, which challenges habits and traditional interpretations, and which dares to touch on taboos and share information with others for the mutual benefit. Super well done Anne, Jesper, and everyone else involved!Janni Nyby

- Visual artist Janni Nyby

A goldmine of loving kicks in the arse and one-on-one guidance through the artistic jungle.

An insanely generous and rewarding forum, which encompasses THE ENTIRE artist lifestyle – right from sharing the joy of a successful piece – to constructive feedback on the frustration of a failed piece – all the way to the complete practical help with VAT, photographs, etc.Christina Smith

- Visual artist Christina Smith

Anne’s art school has given me a huge amount of motivation to move forward with more serious and specific decisions about what I want to do with my art.

One of the best things about Anne´s art school, by the way, is without a doubt the huge community and network it has given me with others in the art world.

You feel incredibly welcomed, and there is room for both the beginner and the professional. It provides a uniquely broad range of opportunities to help and share opportunities and knowledge with each other. Being a part of this art school is like getting a mountain of presents that you can unwrap whenever you have the time and desire. You get challenged and offered new opportunities. 

Mete de Vroom

- Visual artist Mete Dahlstrøm de Vroom

After I became a member of Anne’s art school, I have been able to move forward artistically and personally.

Anne Katrine Sørensen

Anne’s art school lets me see that there are others out there like me, who are in the same situation, artistically. I am no longer alone. I know that there are people I can ask when in doubt.  

Anne’s art school has helped me discover my expression.  It has given me the motivation to do much, much more.

- Visual artist Anne Katrine Sørensen

As someone who usually sits by myself in my atelier, I suddenly feel that I’ve become a part of something bigger.

I live far out in the countryside – in a tiny village in Western Norway. Everything is far away here. Suddenly, I got access to all sorts of things at home through my computer! 

Me, who had decided to never again sign up for an online course. I had done that a few times before, but I might as well have been throwing money out of my window… But something made me keep returning to the invitation to sign up to participate in Anne’s art school. I think it was something about the way that Anne and Jesper presented themselves and their work, so cheerfully and enthusiastically. It seemed like they felt that they had something to contribute!   

Now I’m enjoying getting my lectures right in my atelier, and I can choose for myself when I want to take a break.

Elin Arianson

- Visual artist Elin Arianson

I was missing insight into how the art world actually works, and I needed to find people with whom to discuss this exact topic. I have found that in Anne´s art school.

I also joined the discussions regarding having ambitions with your art, receiving and giving critiques, and I have greatly enjoyed the painting techniques. I still haven’t finished exploring and seeking knowledge in Anne’s art school.Knud Milo

- Visual artist Knud Milo

My membership has been financed by the amount I used to spend on weekly magazines.

– I became a member [of the Danish sister school] in the spring of 2015, and it’s just crazy how much I’ve learned about art for that little sum.Jette Liisborg

- Visual artist Jette Liisborg 

I’m not the type that is good at taking courses and painting on command. I need to put my soul into it when I paint – and that’s why your art school and online community fits my needs so well.

The whole concept that I get new ideas and teachings from you, which I can return to when it suits me - it’s just worth its weight in gold.

I read a lot of literature about visual arts, but it really is quite nice to get both audio and visual data to top it off.

Rita Andersson

- Visual artist Rita Andersson 

It has been ground-breaking just to find a source of knowledge, the support, and the encouragement to develop my courage, self-confidence, and a gradual assurance that it was MORE than okay to dare to go forth! My perception of MYSELF as an artist altered.

I stumbled on Anne’s art school by coincidence. A coincidence which would turn out to alter my entire approach to BEING an artist, which, at the time, I had a lot of trouble with. Despite having been established in my workshop since 2007, I was still “just” a self-taught artist, without much exhibition experience.

I’d like to mention just some of the things I’ve achieved, amongst others, since encountering Anne’s art school:

1. I have had my network of artistic colleagues greatly expanded.

2. I applied to judged exhibitions – the first one I applied to (with Anne’s encouragement) was the HCA exhibition in Odense, where I actually came away with the first-place prize of 10,000 DKK.

3. I applied for (and was granted) Artist in Residency in Berlin! 

Rebekka Koefoed

- Visual artist Rebekka Koefoed