“Danish painter Anne Juul Christophersen has been making waves throughout Europe since her debut back in 2007. 13 years is not a long time to build a predominant career as an artist; sometimes, it takes a lifetime. Nevertheless, Anne’s enchanting paintings soon caught the attention of Galerie Wolfsen, and a throng of faithful collectors.

She has a repertoire of sold out shows under her belt – and yet, this is only the tip of the iceberg.

As well as becoming a well-respected artist, I recently learned that Anne Juul Christophersen runs a highly successful online art school.”

- Quote from an article in the international art magazine; Beautiful Bizarre Magazine.


Now Anne has written an e-book about what it is, she has done to get to where she is today in the art world.

In the book, you learn exactly what you can do yourself to move forward as an artist and creative person.

You will get Anne's honest and very enlightening e-book “Time to be creative” when you sign up for the art school's newsletter.


You can read the article from Beautiful Bizarre Magazine here.

You can visit Anne´s webpage here.
- and Anne´s International School of Art right here.


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Visual artist Anne Juul Christophersen
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