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Anne´s International School of Art´s online course:

Learn the art of
free flow painting
with your brilliant teacher, the master himself
(by name and by nature):
Mark Masters

In English + English subtitles


The white canvas:

right there, in front of you.


Completely white and empty.

What to create?

It can sometimes be a tough nut to crack.


It doesn´t have to be the case anymore.


Because in our extremely exciting and educational course:

"Learn the art of organic free flow painting" with the brilliant artist and teacher, Mark Masters,

- Mark Masters guides you all the way from the white canvas to your finished painting.


Taught by mixed media artist Mark Masters, this course will give you the opportunity to learn how to let go of your inhibitions when planning.

You will explore a series of techniques to organically develop your creative processes while experimenting with many different mediums.

Focussing on abstract forms, you will delve into free flow painting to unlock new depths of creativity.


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No matter what level you are at as an artist, the technique of organic free flow painting ensures a never-ending opportunity of new discoveries to be made.

It is the perfect way to see the world – and how to create art – in a new light!


To top it off, you don’t need a whole host of expensive materials or objects to take part.

All you will need is:

⦁ Good quality smooth finish watercolour paper (the thicker, the better)

⦁ A handful of coloured drawing inks of your choice (choose some light, some dark)

A putty eraser (also known as an art eraser / kneadable putty eraser)

Charcoal drawing pencils (ideally a soft, medium and hard so you can play with different textures)

⦁ Chalk pencils

Coloured drawing pencils (colours of your choice)

Different size brushes of your choice

A ruler


And even if you do not already have all the materials, you can easily get started with less.



In this six-part, easy-to-follow course, you will:

Gain important knowledge that you can transfer to your entire artistic practice. This includes:

  Learning how to find inspiration and build new ideas using everyday objects that you already own.

  Receive advice on different art materials and their properties.

  Gain insight into some prevalent artists to further your knowledge and inspiration.


Benefit from practical advice and experience to expand your horizons:

  Enjoy a host of tips and tricks on how to transform ANYTHING into something new - including how to utilize vantage points, size, scale and lighting, and break down objects into textures and forms. Understand how to play and create unique subjects to capture in your art!

Learn how to build up layers and enjoy the process of erasing and re-drawing to unveil your own unique designs. Enjoy the freedom found within the process of experimenting!


 Understand more about using inks and how they work with other mediums, and how to manipulate the materials in front of you to create new forms.


  Build your new-found skills by creating your own, personal work. This is not a watch-and-copy course – it is so much more. By watching Mark Masters and learning what he does, you will be encouraged to emulate his approach with your own personal twist - experiment, and producing a unique painting of your own by the end of the course!

Your dedicated teacher

Stating Piranesi, Francis Bacon and Graham Sutherland as influences, Mark Masters’ work is often based on nature and natural ephemera.

He uses these overarching themes as metaphors to generate an emotive response to his subject matters, often through surreal and abstract paintings.

After exhibiting in multiple galleries over the past decade, Mark has also recently had his first book published by the International Confederation of Art Critics, entitled 'Let's Unfinish What We're Seeing.' 


If you would like to learn more, sign up to our six-part course today!

Note: all tutorials are in English and with optional English subtitles.


Feedback and Peer Support

Inside the art school's amazing forum, you can get all of the feedback you want.

We have highly competent artists who are moderators within the forum. This means that you are always guaranteed a safe and pleasant environment, constructive discussions, and answers to your questions.

Our forum creates a unique atmosphere and place for knowledge sharing that you won't find anywhere else.

While our forum at Anne’s International School of Art is still growing in these early days of us opening, our Danish sister school’s forum has been running successfully for many years.


You can see here what Torill Loebenstein, a visual artist and member of our sister school, tells us about the forum:

"If you use the forum inside the art school to bounce ideas off other members and gain feedback, you can easily get the same benefit as if you had participated in a physical course.

This does require that you can formulate what you would like feedback on. Thankfully, the art school even has a small tutorial video on that!

I would recommend the art school to anyone who wants to learn more and wants to move, as well as to get new inspiration for their artistic activities."


You learn it all at home

– no matter where you live in the world

You will have full access to the entire course IMMEDIATELY after your registration.

The course takes place online, so you will be able to access and watch them on your own computer, iPad or tablet.

Therefore, you can join us wherever you are in the world, as long as you have an Internet connection.













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In the forum you can see what others share and you have ample opportunity to discuss experiences and ideas with the other participants about the different modules.


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