Terms and conditions for Anne´s International School of Art

Trade and subscription terms and privacy policy


Products and services are offered by:
Juul Christophersen ApS
Randerup 55
6261 Bredebro
CVR / VAT: 39178966
Contact us at: support@annesartschool.com


Usage agreement:
Courses purchased are for your personal use only and may only be used by you and your household. Any kind of commercial purpose is not allowed, just as it is not allowed to make any kind of duplicate of the product / products. You, or any third party, are not permitted to circumvent, or attempt to circumvent, any security measures. If you wish to quote any of the material purchased, this must be done in a proper academic manner. As a customer, it is your responsibility that the purchased material is not passed on to third parties.

Purchase of an online product at Juul Christophersen ApS includes one (1) license and the material may not be distributed in any way.

All online products are subject to copyright law. They are written, produced and distributed by Juul Christophersen ApS. You are welcome to use the online products for personal use, i.e. you may listen / watch them privately, print worksheets and e-books, but you may not - neither for free nor for a fee - share, copy, lend, publish, sell or in any other way pass on Juul Christophersen ApS's online products.

It is also not permitted to use the online products for teaching purposes without prior written permission from Juul Christophersen ApS.


Subscription / membership agreement:
For subscriptions / memberships, the subscription price, as stated on the product page, will be automatically deducted via direct debit for each subscription period. Receipts for all membership fees can be found in your personal account via this link.

You will receive an email with confirmation of your subscription / membership registration upon completing the subscription / membership sign up.

Your membership starts on the same date that you sign up. After the selected initial lock-in period (one month, three months or six months depending on what you have chosen), your membership will be automatically renewed at the standard one-month membership option. This will continue on a rolling basis until you either change the membership option to a longer period (3 months or 6 months) or terminate your membership.

The membership fee is paid monthly using the payment card you provided for your initial registration.

You can, after the selected lock-in period, change or terminate your membership at any time.

If you want to switch to another pricing model or continue on the same 3-month of 6-month model at the end of the selected lock-in period, just let us know via e-mail before your membership is due for renewal.

You can cancel your subscription / membership by writing to us that you want to cancel the subscription / membership and after the selected binding period ends, no further invoicing or payment deductions will be made. However, invoices already issued must still be paid.


Please note: to cancel your membership, you must contact us at least one full working day before your membership is due to be renewed.
You can terminate your membership by writing to us at: support@annesartschool.com.


If you want to update your payment card number, click on the link in each invoice.

We reserve the right to block access to the school, its forum, and additional courses without notice in the event of inappropriate behaviour e.g., in discussion forums.

By cancelling your membership, access to member sites, discount schemes etc. is also discontinued.


Payment by bank transfer / EAN:
For payment via bank transfer / EAN, your purchase (i.e. membership) is activated when we register that the payment has been completed.

A membership paid for via bank transfer / EAN is, unless otherwise agreed, an ongoing one-year membership which is paid for one year in advance at a time. This will be renewed every year until the membership is terminated.

If you do not wish your membership to be renewed, the membership must be terminated no later than one full working day before renewal is due.

As full access to the art school is obtained immediately upon registration, there is no right of return / cancellation on Juul Christophersen ApS's digital products - unless otherwise required by law in the country / state where the customer resides. This applies to all digital products (audio courses, video courses, e-books, webinars and gift cards). Digital products cover all online and downloadable products.

It is permissible to see, hear, download (when possible) and print online material as often as desired.

When registering for live events, workshops, exhibitions, lectures and courses, registration is binding and personal, i.e. it cannot be transferred to others. In case of cancellation 14 days before the event or less, no refund will be given. In case of cancellation more than 14 days before the event, 50% of the amount will be refunded.


All rights to courses, workshops, events and digital products belong to Juul Christophersen ApS. Upon purchase, only a license is obtained to use the purchased product, as stated under the product in question.


We write and use the knowledge that we have learned in our many tutorials and courses, and about our personal considerations and experiences. All content available should be considered as inspiration that is made available without any kind of guarantee.


Personal information and privacy policy:
Your data is in safe hands with us - you can read our privacy policy at this link.


Juul Christophersen ApS reserves the right to block access to download products if the personal information entered is noticeably false.